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Lest it all be forgotten – A digital ecosystem to retain information I otherwise would forget

The abundance of productivity apps is a double-edged sword. It definitely has the potential to be a productivity trap by itself. However, smartly combined productivity apps can be a great help.

My own little system of interlinked apps grew over the past four years. Read how I manage digital information with a set of mobile and desktop apps and join the discussion about what works best.

Not Your Core Competency? – Outsource Your Life!

While I do not see a chance to outsource parts of my management job to a helping hand in India, and don’t plan to do so myself, I was nevertheless intrigued by the idea of delegating tasks I am completely incapable of doing myself. So when I was starting with the preparations for Life-Sparring, I had my first stabs at outsourcing 2.0, primarily using a web service called Fiverr.