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Aiming for the Streak – Three Apps to Track Your Habits

After chasing big and lofty goals in 2016, the focus in 2017 is on habit setting. Using a strategy called "Mini Habits", I try to set small but very regular tasks to establish healthy habits that bring me closer to my ambitious goals, with much less stress. To make sure that I am not forgetting my daily goals, I was experimenting finding the perfect mobile up to nudge me at the right time. Which of the contenders Irunurun, Nozbe or Strides proofs to be best suited to keep me on track over the year?

Lest it all be forgotten – A digital ecosystem to retain information I otherwise would forget

The abundance of productivity apps is a double-edged sword. It definitely has the potential to be a productivity trap by itself. However, smartly combined productivity apps can be a great help.

My own little system of interlinked apps grew over the past four years. Read how I manage digital information with a set of mobile and desktop apps and join the discussion about what works best.