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A Monument against the Digital Picture Tsunami - How Smart is Kickstarter's Smartest Photo Storage Device? - Updated, May 1st 2017!

I have a history; you might even call it a habit, of backing Kickstarter projects with the potential to ease the troubles of modern life. My newest Kickstarter acquisition is a little box called "Monument". The promise of the Monument campaign was nothing less than creating “The world's smartest photo storage and management device.” Did they deliver on that promise?

Travelling with (and without) the “World’s best Travel Jacket”

For most people in a management position, business travel is part of the job description and often a major stress factor too. While I generally do not mind business travelling much, I am definitely embracing every travel life hack there is. That was also the main motivation to splurge and put a hefty US$ 109 down for a Kickstarter campaign by Baubax, promising nothing less than “The World’s Best Travel Jacket”.