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Want to increase your Happiness? Fight off FOMO!

Some of the biggest obstacles on our path to happiness are inside of our own heads -- deep-rooted instincts that might have once served an evolutionary purpose, but that now are mainly lowering our quality of life.

One of the strongest and most destructive of these innate reflexes is FOMO. What sounds like an uptown art gallery, stands for “Fear of Missing Out” and is far less innocent than it appears.

Taming Emotional Volatility - Investment Wisdom from an Investment Fool

Equity markets are volatile these days. The Dow Jones in January 2016 just had the most 1% swings in a single month since 2008.

It’s debatable if we are at the doorstep of the next crisis or not. In any case, I am fairly optimistic that this time, at least I am better prepared and would not repeat the same mistakes I did in 2008. 

While markets remain as volatile as ever, I at least seem to have tamed my “emotional volatility”.