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Deconstructed me – What I learned about myself through DNA analysis

Quantified Self is, in many ways, the antidote to the trend of “big data”. Big data accumulates, averages and tries to generate recipes for the masses. QS in contrast analyzes the single individual, trying to identify what works for one particular person.

One of the more technical exercises I did in my eternal journey to understand myself was getting my DNA analyzed. In this Life-Sparring round I share my experience and give a first glimpse of the findings.

Weighting In on the Weight Question

I am somewhat of a quantified self (QS) nut. For many years I have taken my body weight and other measures almost every morning. Like most people who track body data with Fitbits, smart scales or other means, I accumulated a lot of measurements over time, but did almost nothing with the data collected. As I’ve mentioned in several of my articles, a huge part of the motivation to start Life-Sparring was to push myself harder on my quest to improve myself, and along the journey, provide some value to those who read my ramblings. That’s motivation enough to dig into the data and take a closer look at some of it.