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My Data as a Coach - Training with the Everlast and PIQ Boxing Sensor

I came across the PIQ Blue Robot sensor in spring of this year. As a certified Quantified Self (QS) nerd, the idea of a sensor quantifying my pitiful boxing workouts was instantly intriguing. A bit more than half a year later, PIQ Sports Intelligence, equipped me with two review samples of the Everlast and PIQ boxing sensor. Can my own data coach me to peak performance? And what is my PIQscore anyway?

Trying to Break the Spell - Some Reflections on Fear

I never have been a particularly brave person. I guess in some aspects I was even a fairly fearful child. Only in university did I slowly start to break free from many of my fears. As it seems, being able to confront my fears is at least one positive side effect of aging. 
How about you? What are you afraid of? How do you deal with your fears?