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More Than Book Learning - Five Novels that Shaped my Love for East Asia

While in recent years I mostly read nonfiction, I strongly believe that novels can be just as powerful when it comes to broadening the horizon and understanding the big picture. 

I think that to understand the world, our history, even contemporary and future developments, it takes both, reading history books for a factual framework and reading novels to get a feeling for the zeitgeist.

While the origin of my life-long interest in Asia will likely stay a mystery forever, I know for sure that there are a few brilliant books that shaped this interest. Among the many I want to highlight five that stood out in particular.

Quarterly Lederhosen Report – Checking in on my goals for the year

After many years of New Year’s resolutions that lasted hardly longer than a few weeks, I wanted to do it all differently in the first full year of my Life-Sparring experience. Choosing targets that fulfill the S.M.A.R.T criteria: being specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-related to be effective; making my goals public; and checking in regularly with you out there hopefully is enough to keep me motivated all year to achieve all goals for 2016. And just in case this is not enough, I added a punishment on top, promising to go to work in original Bavarian Lederhosen on the first working day in 2017 if I miss more than one of the six goals for the year.  Scary!

So let’s see how I fared during the first quarter of the year!

I Fight, Therefore I Am! – More Reflections on Fear

This is the second Life-Sparring round on the topic of fear within four months. 

That I am revisiting the topic after such a short time is mainly motivated by two factors: a recent personal crisis on my side, and reading Daniele Bolelli’s excellent book Not Afraid: On Fear, Heartbreak, Raising a Baby Girl, and Cage Fighting. 

Food for Thought - My Books of 2015

In this round of life-sparring I would like to present my personal top 5 books for 2015. The list might come a little too late to serve as a Christmas gift guide, but in case that you are looking for some fruit for thought over the holidays you might get some inspiration.