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The Resolution to Your Problems? – Goal Setting With the GoMoTo- Framework

Despite knowing that you actually could change your life on any given day, I am a committed practitioner of New Year’s resolutions. The change of the year has this magical aura that calls for big changes, even if we then often fall back to our old ways.

The Quantified Self Hong Kong meet-up discussed in December about “How to Quantify Your 2018 Goals”. One of my contributions to the debate was the idea of a little 3-step framework to put self-tracking into a larger context of self-improvement.

While the framework is actually quite simple, I thought it might be worth to write the idea out in full, give it a funky name and open it for a broader discussion. So, without further ado, let me introduce the GoMoTo-Framework.

With Mindfulness to Greatness – Searching my inner Holly Holm

It had been very long ago since I had been as emotionally touched by a martial arts event as I have been with UFC 193. The unexpected KO victory of Holly Holm against larger-than-life athlete, Ronda Rousey had really been pumping my fists in front of my television. 

Holly Holm’s KO victory was not just an absolute awesome display of intelligent fight preparation, discipline, striking technique and sportsmanship; it was in my eyes most of all a triumph of focus, a triumph of mindfulness. Watching the fight provided a lot of motivation to intensify the search for my own inner Holly Holm.